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Our marketing and design capabilities combine consumer insight, technology, and creativity. We stay in touch with the latest trends and solutions that are as dynamic, elegant and interesting as the people using them.

Through every step of our creation process, we focus on every element of the design and development process to make it in-sync with the real business goals and expectations.
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responsive design

Websites that deliver a beautiful digital experience regardless of the device and browser.

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web development

Dedicated websites that are powerful, flexible and scalable, created by usability and accessibility experts.

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mobile apps

Using latest technology for mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Interia.pl is one of the biggest Polish web portals and a popular search engine. It offers new email accounts, free web hosting, domain name registration and many other services.

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This is an early learning mobile game platform. That accelerates student achievment by uniting the power of mobile gaming technology with the latest in cognitive research.

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Program that allows you to collect points for everyday purchases at Statoil stations and their replacement with attractive prizes from Awards’ catalogue.

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We are proud to present an amazing app for broadcasting live streams. Vyda allows you share your precious moments in realtime.

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Finta is a great internet service for exchanging goods online. You can redeem items without money and exchange your items for points.

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AdRetail is a advertising network that provides products designed for the retail industry. It delivers measurable results supporting retailers and FMCG sales.

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HardGamma is a management consulting boutique, focused on technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector.

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Early Learning

Early Learning University provides early childhood education programs that increase literacy skills including reading proficiency, vocabulary, and fluency.

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D82 Apartments

Lovely studio apartments in the Old Town Krakow district. Recently renovated, 10 mins from the Market Square.

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Poland's largest brochure and catalogue service. Find all the latest offers of stores and markets here.

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The ultimate coffee roasting experience. Grano Verde offers premium coffee products for real connoisseurs.

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Płomień Chmielów

This is the official website of the football club - Płomień Chmielów. Here you can learn all about the club, football players and matches.

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We create identity with something that’s unique, relevant and consistent to best communicate your brand message.

Our process

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Every project begins with a plan. We are discoverers thus we first get inside your head to fetch ideas and generate your desired outcome.

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With the ideas scribbled down we start adding form and color to your creation. Each project is a unique piece of art.

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Once the functionalities and graphics have been confirmed we set off coding your project using the best and latest technology.

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In the end when all the design and code merge into a whole we launch and push your project for the world to see.

Our clients


top quality

Superior technology is the engine that drives your business. Working closely with our clients is part of our proven development process.

creative minds

Our talented design team translates user research into user-friendly and engaging designs that persuade users to take action. Design is how it works.

bright ideas

We track trends and align brand objectives with user needs to ensure that creative and technical decisions are always result-oriented.

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Usability Usability
Action Script Action Script
Android Android
Ruby On Rails Ruby On Rails
Games Games
Adobe Air Adobe Air
CloudFront CloudFront
Lambda Lambda
Dynamo DB Dynamo DB
TokBox TokBox
PubNub PubNub
Social Media Social Media
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Let's work together

Tell us about your idea or need and let’s discuss the possibilities.

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LogicIMS Sp. z o.o.
Siemiradzkiego 12/8, 31-137 Kraków, Polska

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+48 533 323 972

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NIP: 676 237 85 33
REGON: 120720098
KRS: 0000308779

8 years experience
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60 finished projects
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5199438 lines of code
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51873 cups of coffee
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